Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vegas and the Pawn Stars

We decided to take a weekend trip to Vegas just to get away for a few days. Lots of pictures to see.

The fountain show at the bellagio hotel was actually pretty cool.

The Mime made a funny noise and scared Meghan, it was pretty funny.

Wow, that is a blurry picture.

And the Real reason to go to Vegas.......................... Pawn Stars!

It is a t.v show on The History Channel, and it is the best show.

This is one of the stars of the show, The old Man...... He seems grumpy.

This is one of the motorcycles they bought and restored on the show.

And then there is Chumlee, he is our favorite. On the show he is kinda the clown, and the other stars are kinda mean to him, but we love him.

Water Fight!!!

We went to Judy and Kims house for a bbq. Kim had a crazy thought to get the kids water guns and have kids against him and Judy.

The funny part is they gave the kids little water guns, and they got the big super soaker ones..... Who do you think won???