Friday, February 27, 2009

Go Utes!!!

I took Bradlee, Kaylee and my Dad to the Utes basketball game against UNLV the other day. I think they had fun. My dad spoiled the kids with cotton candy and popcorn. We had pretty good seats, and of course the Utes won. Go Utes!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Clean Laundry!!!

Our Dryer broke on Saturday... The funny thing about that is Jeff has been trying to convince me that we needed a new washer and dryer. He wanted stackable front loaders so that when we (meaning when he) finish the basement we have more room for a bedroom and a bathroom if we have stackables. Whatever right???? So as he is trying to convince me of this or dryer dies..... I think he planned it to break. Anyway, we went to Lowes and bought Maytag front loaders. I love them. Dont they look pretty? They will look even better with a finished basement around them. They work very nicely, and our clothes smell cleaner than ever. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Boy's Best Friend

So Bradlee did something last week at school that caused us to have to ground him. We took away his Ipod, his toys in his room, and and more. Now as a 9 year old boy you would think he would be mad about his Ipod.... or maybe you would think he would be furious that we wouldn't let him play with Friends..... or maybe the fact we took away all his toys, and his T.V..... perhaps the fact that we wouldn't let him play on the Wii or the computer would get our point across. No, none of this was the trick. I also decided that he didn't get to sleep with Maggie for a week.... Now we are getting somewhere. He was so mad that we took his dog away. He cried..... and Cried..... and cried..... "I cant sleep without Maggie, I need Maggie!" Now here is the kicker, the following morning after his 1st night of punishment I here him downstairs talking to Maggie, " Maggie I am sooooo sorry, I feel so bad, I missed you so much, I hope you can forgive me!" No, I am not making this up. Do you think Mom or Dad got an "I'm Sorry"? No such luck, but Maggie got the most heartfelt apology that I have ever heard come out of that boy. These pictures are the first night Bradlee and Maggie were reunited.
Now, just for the record Jeff and I finally did get an apology. Bradlee made us a card that said he was sorry, and that he loves us very much. I'm not gonna lie to ya, it made me get alittle teary eyed, and made me feel bad for being so mean. Lets just hope he learned his lesson.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothin' New, But a camera!

So my hubby bought me a new Camera for Valentines day. Or maybe I bought him a new camera.... Who knows, but we have a fun new camera, so these are some pics we took with our new toy. Jeff and I taking a picture together. We dont have very many of those.
This is my baby Chloee. She is such a fun doggy. I love her more than I ever thought I could love a furry friend. She is my princess. (SHHH Dont tell Kaylee)

I don't know why Jeff had to make this face, but I told him it was going on the blog, and he made it anyway.

This is Bradlee and Kaylee on one of their "We Love Eachother" Days.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Trying to control the Crazy!

I went with my sister Lydia to get pictures of the Quads. While she was with one child getting pictures I was in another room with the other 3 waiting for their turns. To entertain the crazys I took my camera out and this is what I got. Lily being sweet and beautiful!
Dallas and Marek showing me the right way to "shake our butts"

The boys being cheeseballs!

I think Dallas took this picture for me.

Me trying to get a shot with the future Movie star Evan!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mascots Galore!

Bradlee and I went to the Jazz game against the Spurs last week, and it was Bears birthday. They had several different mascots there to celebrate with the bear. It was fun to see them play together.
This is Bear makin a basket..... Go Bear!!!!! He is the favorite of course. This is Raptor, the Spurs mascot.

Bear again
I'm not sure who the Lion belongs to, but he was pretty funny.

This is no mascot, this is a hottie..... Kyle Korver...... Mmmmmmmmm!!!!

We had a good time, Bradlee and I!

Monday, February 2, 2009

More from my Wonderful man!

These pictures were taken at the Cheesecake factory where my husband took me on our anniversary. We had a wonderful dinner, and even some cheesecake. We had a good time, and the meal was fabulous.
Aren't we just the cutest couple!