Monday, May 19, 2008

Babysitter anyone???

Ok, so Meghan got her first taste of official babysitting. Tavish asked her to babysit Brayten overnight. Meghan was excited to do so. She changed a poopy diaper all by herself. Got him ready for bed and everything. The next day they played in the sprinklers and jumped on the trampoline. All in all I think it was a pretty good experiance... although for you who know Brayten he can be quite a hand full. He is 2 years old and so he is curious about EVERYTHING, and he doesn't like to hold still. He did however go right to bed when Meghan told him to.

When we got done with Brayten we headed over to the Taggarts where we Babysit for a few hours. I went with Meghan for support (4 two year olds had me alittle concerned) She did rather well. "Babysitting is hard work" Meghan said as she jumped up to chase one of the babies around. I think she expected all fun and games, but there is alot of work that goes with babysitting, but if she can master Brayten and then go straight over to Brenden, Lily, Marek, Evan... and dont forget Dallas and Stephen, thats six kids. She can handle just about anything. She even got paid for her efforts.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Go Jazz!!!!

The kids and I are huge American Idol fans, and Friday was David Day here in Salt Lake. Meghan loves David Archuleta.... I was able to go to the Jazz game and he sang the National Anthem. He did a great Job!
The Jazz did so good. It was such a good game. One of those games were you are up on your feet a lot. The Jazz had the lead most of the game, but the Lakers did pretty good coming back when the were down. But all in all it was a good game and the Jazz won. I love kyle Korver, he is a good addition to the Utah Jazz.... The Jazz beat the Lakers on Sunday also.... GO JAZZ. 2 more games to WIN......

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Wii Trouble!!!

So we bought a nintendo Wii, and boy did it end up being a project. Once we bought the Wii and started playing it, we quickly realized that our family room set up wasn't very Wii friendly. So of course I get this brilliant idea that we need to put the couch on the other wall, and the T.V on the wall that the couch is currently on..... Well if we do that we had to repaint because there will be holes in the wall from the T.V equipment on the red wall....... And..... We cant put a red couch on a red wall.... way to much red on one side. Keep in mind this is my idea and who would have to do the work????? You guessed it, my most Wonderful husband.

So this is the before we changed everything around. It looks nice and we like it, but again.... The Wii, it is all about the Wii now.

Here is the after we changed everything around. As you can see we still have a red wall, but it is on the opposite side now. And instead of tan we have changed it up abit. Grey.

We have so much more Wii room now. We can play all the sports so much easier now, and it is much nicer. The room feels so much more open now. Very nice Jeff. He gets all the credit, he did all the work. Isn't he Amazing????? I knew there was a reason I married him.
Dang that Wii... It has been nothing but trouble since we got it...... But at least it is so much fun to play :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Welcome Home Kyle!

Lacey's Boyfriend Kyle has been in Iraq. He is a Marine. He was able to come home yesterday, and any of you that watched KSL news you would have seen him get down on one Knee and asked my dear sister to marry him. It was cute. I took these pictures from the T.V so they aren't that great. Here he is on his kneee
Here he is getting the ring out of the box.
I am assuming he is putting the ring on her finger.
And as you can tell she is very happy to see him. She has been counting down the days til he comes home.
This is Kyle with my mom. The wedding is taking place June 28th. Congratulations to the happy couple. We are glad you are back safe Kyle!!!