Friday, April 29, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Such a Slacker I am

I am really slackin on the blog updates, I am going to try and be better. Things have been good at the Clark house. Jeff and I have been working on spending more time as a family, and becoming closer. We have been going rollerblading with the kids on Tuesday nights at Hollywood connection. The kids seem to enjoy the time we spend with them there. Jeff and I have also taken up running. Jeff has been doing it for awhile now, and in the spirit of finding things incommon with one another, and trying to become closer I have joined him in the running adventure. I am enjoying it quite abit, and Jeff is borderline obsessed with it. He runs everyday for at least 3 miles, but he has been trying to run more, and can run 13 miles when he wants to. I on the other hand can only do the 3-4 miles, and a lot of it is spent walking, which works for me, and Jeff usually runs without me, and then goes a 2nd time with me, so he doesn't mind the walking. Because of the running, and both of us trying to find things the other one likes we have become a much stronger couple. We have been married for 14 years, and we share very little in common, so that is our goal, to find things we both like and share in them.

We just took our anual vacation, and after much begging and pleading we didn't go to Disneyland.... I know, Sad!!!! Jeff isn't as big of a Disney fan as me, and he wanted to go Camoing and Hiking, so we compromised. We went to Sea World, and Knotts Berry Farm, and then spend some nights in St. George going to Zion National Park. Which actually turned out to be the kids favorite. We hiked to Angels Landing which is a strenuos, very challenging hike that is somewhat dangerous as you have to hold on to chains to make it up the steep climb to reach the top of the peak. Kaylee and I only made it about half way, but the other kids and Jeff made it to the top, and loved the experiance. I am pleased we all survived! The vacation was much needed and wonderful.

Bryce is doing alright, we have had some ups and downs with his cancer, He was scheduled for surgery on May 20th, but some new developments have put the surgery on hold. He has to go back on Chemo for some heavy duty treament to try and get rid of some of the cancer that has now grown. He has affected lymph nodes in several parts of the body. The cancer is Growing very rapidly and they Dr's are hopeful with chemo they can reduce or stop it from growing so fast, and eliminate some of the tumors. We are staying positive, and Bryce is amazing. I have faith that he will fight the fight!

I will be putting up some much needed pictures in the near future as I have alot to share.