Monday, December 29, 2008

A new Smile

What is different about Kaylee's smile???? Can you see the difference???

How about now?

Yes, she got Braces.

Where's Brayten

So Brayten got this cute costume for Christmas, and if you ask him to be spiderman he poses, it's stinkin adorable.

On a side note, STOP the smell...... My brother Bryce got these underwear for Christmas.... Yes Brother that is a hint. You stink!!!! But we love you :)

Christmas Came, and Christmas went!

Meghan got the Wii fit for Christmas, and a game that you use your bum to play. Kaylee got some littlest pet shops, and a nintendo DS.
Bradlee got Ski's for Christmas, This is his snowboard here, he was practicing. They went Skiing the day after Christmas.
This is my Uncle Kim being goofy.

Meghan got an I tunes gift card from Jamison
Bradlee got an Indiana jones whip. How Cool!
Kaylee got a Tinkerbell doll to add to her collection.

Talk about total chaos......

Beautiful Temple Square

We went to Temple Square a couple weeks ago, We went in the day, so we didn't see the gorgeous lights, but it was still so pretty.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gurr Family Fun!!!

Grandpa Loves Santa ClausWe'll call the picture Generation #1 -Tonya, Fred, Kim, Judy, Penny, Kelly, Grandpa, Santa, Mrs. Claus
This will be Generation #2, I think we drank to much egg nog, even Santa was getting crazy- Shane, Stephanie, Jeff C, Shelly, Jeff B, Jessica, Mike, Santa, Mrs. Claus, KimberleeThis of course is Generation #3- Nathan (he and Haylee are really Generation 2) Corben, Bradlee, Hayden, Santa, Adam, Jaycee, Lexi, Mrs. Claus, Kaylee, Ethan, Meghan, Riley, Haylee
This is a picture of Kaylee and Jaycee. They are only 6 months apart, and sometimes we think they are twins. They are both very into princesses. Here they are almost wearing the same outfit. They are so cute together.

What do You want for Christmas???

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Musical talents

Meghan had her first Clarinet performance last week at school. She did such a good job. She played Merrily we go, Hot Cross Buns, Jolly old St Nickolas, and jingle bells. Good Job Meggie, you played wonderful. Kaylee had her first Piano recital last night, she has only been taking piano for a few months, and her teacher just loves her. She struggles sometime, but she loves to play so much. She chose The Chipmunk song to play. Her teacher wanted her to memorize the song, I was concerned being her first performance that she would get shy and not be able to remember..... Well I was so wrong, she played beautifully, and she didn't make any mistakes...... Also she did memorize the song, and did it without her book. Kaylee, I am so proud of you. I was such a proud mom for both my girls. Way to go!

Now Bradlee thinks he needs to play an instrument, and he wants to play the guitar. I dont thing that will be happening for awhile.

Santa came early....

My doggie is so cute. We bought her a santa coat, and she is just adorable.

Cloee makes a good Santa!