Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jeff took this picture of the San Diego Temple, and I just think it is such a gorgeous picture that I had to post it. He takes some amazing pictures.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pictures I wanted to share

I just like this pictures of Jeff and the kids. Bradlee took this picture of Jeff and I
We asked someone to take this picture of us at Sea World. We wanted at least one picture of all of us together.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jeff and Shelly

Jeff and I finally went to a concert together, and it was so much fun. It was Toby Keith, and Jeff hates country. He was so wonderful going with me even though he hates the music. He said he had fun.

We went with my sister Lydia and her husband to the concert.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Just to fun!

The Mummy was really nice to us, but he kept scaring everyone else that walked by him. The kids thought that was hilarious.
Jurasic Park was fun, until we were drenched.

Aren't we so cute. Dad and his dude!
Cool glasses man!
Its about time Kaylee is tall enough to do everything. This sign was a indication that she was able to ride everything at Universal. She was very excited about that.
Meghan had fun playing in the hotel pool, swimming is one of her favorite things to do.
Check out how good Kaylee and Meghan looks on the bike. Perfect drivers.

I don't know what Bradlee was thinking just before we entered the Mummy ride at Universal.
What a handsome football player.

Jeff loves Spongebob, So he was thrilled when he was able to visit Bikini Bottom. That made his day.
The end for now. I am sure I will have more pictures later. They are just to fun and cute not to share. Sorry there are so many.

Knotts Berry Farm

Kaylee was entertaining me while we waited for Meghan Bradlee and Jeff to get off a ride that she was to short for. She took this picture of us.

The kids on Snoopy's school bus. Bradlee, Jeff, and Meghan going on a roller coaster that goes from 0 to 80 in 2 seconds. The kids thought that was pretty awesome.
Kaylee and Bradlee wanted to sing with the Blues Brothers while we were waiting for lunch at TGI fridays.

Meghan thought this ride called the Silver Bullet was just the coolest thing ever.... Until she went on the Ghost rider.

Universal Studios

I love beetle Juice he is the best. Of course we had to take our picture with Spiderman.
Who wouldn't love to be in a photo with Shrek?
Thats right Jeff is a great football player. His goal is the superbowl.
These girls were so nice to the kids. Kaylee thought it was really nice that they took the time to talk to them.
Evan Almighty. He took such a good picture.
This was the Apollo 13 ship they came home in.
Bradlee loved this bike. He thought it was so cool.
Me and my dude

The girls weren't so sure of the Vampire, but they took their picture with him anyway.

Meghan took this picture for us.
The kids had fun finding different characters to take their pictures with.
don't forget about the Hulk.
You can all relax now, Jaws has really been caught.
Sorry there are so mamy pictures to look at, they were all so good I couldn't choose just a few to show, so I had to display them all. I have more that I will post as I get time, so don't be suprised when I post again later.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More fun beach pictures

Kaylee thought being at the beach was living "The life" Meghan thought playing in the sand was great.
Bradlee wanted to be buried in the sand, and Jeff made him look like he had a tail.
The girls in their goggles.
Bradlee starting to build a sand castle.

The Beach

We went on a family vacation to california,The kids had a blast. Here are some pictures of when we were at the beach. I have more pictures of some other things we did that I will be posting later. Bradlee needed a break from all the wave jumping he was doing.
The kids loved it when Jeff took them out in the waves.
Meghan had so much fun getting sand everywhere.
Me and the kids at Sea World.