Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Money Time!

Bryce was overwelmed by the amount of money we would make. He couldn't believe the support he received.

In total we raised about $11,000.00

A few more benefit pics

They really do love each other!

"My sweet Sister"

You're beautiful and fun.
I want to be like you.
You're clean and pure.
I want to see the world as you do.

Even though you may not be the smartest,
you still try your hardest.
Even though you may not be the brightest,
you still shine brighter than the stars.

I want to be the best I can be.
I want you to look up to me.

I adore you
and love you
You're cute and creative.

You are way better than I'll ever be
but that's okay as long as you love me.

You're my little sister.
My dear sweet Kaylee.
You're my little sweetheart
and I'll try to be the best
big sister I can be to you.

You're my little sister.

This poem was written by Meghan when she had to write a poem about something that is special to her, but not always special to someone else.

I wanted to share it and get it on the blog so I can hold it against her later, and prove to her that she really does love her sister.

From the Mouth of Bradlee

I found these notes in Bradlee's Ipod, they make no sence but they made us laugh!

Doodoo doodoo I just went doodoo doodoo I got to go poo got to go poop adoop.

There go's my gut oh that's my brain but I would't know because I'm blind of those car lights that hit me yesterday morning theres a lake I feel now I'm drowning here comes that car again.

From the mouth of Kaylee

This is what I found in Kaylee's notes on her Ipod. What is the deal with my Children?

It's a bird its a plane... no its Einstein on my Rocket!

When life gives you lemons,
make lemonade.
Unless you don't have sugar or water
then you eat the lemons,
and lemons give you Diarrhea.

Lots of pics from Benefit

Look at all the people that came, it was amazing.
My wonderful young women helpers! A big thanks.

Luke Porter and his band. Thanks Guys!

Thanks again for all the support!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I actually took these pictures from someone else's blog, I have so many more I will share, but here is a start of the pictures from Bryce's benefit. It was a huge success, and I am greatful I have so many wonderful Friends that were willing to come and support my family. Bryce was overwelmed by the outpoor of love and support. We raised 11k+ for him. People that didn't even know him, came to support me, my sisters, and parents. I am amazed at how many kind and generous people live in this world, and thanks to you Bryce will be able to focus on recovery instead of bills. Mom, Dad, Lydia
Lydia, Bryce, Lacey

Landen, Emily (Emily is Landens Fiance)

Jeff and I

Stephanie, Dad, Me

Cousins that came to support Holli and her husband, Kailie, Kimmy

THANK YOU!!!! All the support has been amazing!!!!

Fun Pics from Benefit

At the Benefit there was a photographer taking fun pictures. We had some accessories donated from the Costume Closet, so we decided to take some pictures. The cost was $5.00 per pic, and of course the wonderful photographer donated all the money to Bryce. Bradlee, Meghan, Kaylee
Jeff, Shelly, Sadie, Dan
We look so scared to be that close to eachother, but I assure you we are happy and very much in Love.
These are some good friends of ours, Dan and Sadie.
I stole this from my Aunt Pam. These are some of my cousins. Maddie, Kimmy, Ryland, Kailie, Porter. (Ryland and Porter are my cousin Niki's kids, and Maddie is Kimmys Daughter)