Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Jeff being the wonderful husband that he is shaved the dogs. It takes alot of work to shave them, and then clean up the mess, but they look so cute when he is done. Cloee, she is the princess... and she knows it!
Magee is a good dog, she just goes with the flow. She and Bradlee are best buds.

And this is a picture of the awesome sunflowers that Jeff planted in our yard. This picture doesn't do justice, they are gigantic. They are taller then me, and some of the flowers are as big as my head..... like I said, Gigantic!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy kids back in school!

The kids started their first day of school yesterday. They were so excited... I'm not sure if they were more excited to get to walk to school instead of the bus, or being at the new school in general.... maybe having their own lockers were what they were excited for. Maybe, just maybe they were actually excited for school. Hopefully their excitement for school will last through the entire year..... Yea right!!!! We walked to the school the day before to see how long it would take.
Kaylee, Meghan, Bradlee

Meghan is now in 6th Grade, her teacher is Mrs Sherwood. And she Loves school.

Bradlee is in 4th grade. His teacher is Mrs Hafen, and he is going to make this year better than last.... I hope!

Kaylee is also in 4th grade. Her teacher is Mrs. Wimmer. Meghan said she is a great teacher, and Kaylee is looking forward to a wonderful year.

The girls.

Bradlee, Mom, Meghan

Mom and her Irish twins.... They like saying they are twins.
Here's to a good year...... Again, I hope!!!!!

Toby Keith

Jeff and I took Rick and Shelly to Toby Keith with us Saturday night. We had alot of fun. Toby is one of my favorite concerts, but add the hilarious Trailor Choir and Trace Adkins, and it turned into one of the best concerts ever. Waiting for Toby to start.
Jeff and Shelly
This is Jeff having a good time at Trace Adkins...... Haha He made this face for the camera, he had fun.

The girls!

This is the trailor choir, and the dude in overalls was hilarious. He did the snake, and the splits.... Yea it was funny stuff. They sing a song called "rockin The beer gut".... Good song!

Rick and Shelly

More Trailer Choir

Trace was Awesome!!!

And Of course Toby Keith, He always puts on a good show.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Diamond Ridge

We went to back to school night last night and were able to see the brand new school that they built behind our house. Huge School!!!! It is an elementary school, and it is 2 stories, and has lockers for the kids. Crazy!!! It is a very nice school, and the kids are super excited to start school Monday..... Hooray, school is back in. I know Jeff and I are excited for school to start. The kids infront of the new sign, and yes that is my shadow.
The kids in front of the new huge school.

Kaylee on the playground.

Bradlee on the playground.

Meghan standing by the playground because she informed me that she is to cool to be seen playing on the playground.

Seriously the school is really big....... Huge!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Forgotten Wedding pictures!

These are some Random pictures that I just love love love. Most of them were taken by the Photographer. She was fabulous, and super nice. The pictures are wonderful. I love this picture of Lacey and Jason's first dance.
The sisters and mom

Lacey's bouquet was absolutley spectacular, So gorgeous.

Meghan and Grandpa. A wonderful picture.

Dad and some of his girls.

This picture is probably one of my favorites. I love it!

Seeing Lacey and my dad looking so happy is the greatest thing.
Thanks for Taking these wonderful pictures Christy Hair, they truely are fabulous!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oquirrh Temple

Jeff and I took the kids to the Temple open house. We just learned about the Kirkland Temple in Primary, so Bradlee was super excited to see the temple. It was gorgeous. The kids really enjoyed it, and I was happy to have my children with us in the temple. It was a great day.

Park City Getaway!

Jeff's family was in town last week for a family reunion. We actually had the whole family here. Jody, Rick, and Chantel flew in from Michigan, Tamara, Jared and Van came from Washington, Everyone else came from Elko, and of course we live here. It was great having everyone here, and hanging out with the Family. These are the family pictures we took. I think for how many people we had it turned out great.
Front row: Cody, Stacy, Chelsea, Meghan, Kaylee, Bradlee, Chantel, Matthew, Emily, Louis, Mark. Second Row: Dan, Jeff, Rick, Shelly, Jody, Van, Tamara, Jared, Penny.
These are our Family Pictures

The Boys not paying attentions... Are we suprised?

The Girls being Beautiful..... As always!!!

The Grandparents with all their grandkids.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lacey and Jason!

Lacey was the most beautiful bride. Her beauty brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful hair, gorgeous dress, her makeup was perfect, and she was the happiest I have ever seen her. She was ready to marry her best friend, and the man of her dreams. Jason Troy Bailey. He is perfect for my sister, and he makes her so happy.

She was glowing as she walked down the stairs.

Jeff thought I was beautiful in my bridesmaid dress.

Lacey's bouquet was even stunning

Lacey looked great on the balcony

Congratulations to Lacey and Jason, I wish them all the happiness in the word. Have fun in Disneyland on your honeymoon.