Monday, December 27, 2010

Life gets away from you sometimes!

I plan on adding a ton of stuff to my blog one of these days. I have alot of pictures to post, and all that has been going on with the kiddos. Fun Christmas stuff, and school activities to post about. But I just thought I would share a quick little tid bit.

Work is still crazy, I am always busy.
Jeff finally went to day shift after our 13 years of marriage, and that was a big adjustment for us. We had to learn to share the bed, and be together all night long. I am grateful for his hard work, and all he does for us, and I am appreciating him more and more each day.

The kids are doing well in school, Kaylee is playing the Clarinet, and did her first concert, which she did fantastic. I think she enjoys it. Meghan also plays the Clarinet, and had her first concert of the year, where she played First Clarinet, and loves it. She is loving her GT classes, and continues to strive in them with Straight A's. Bradlee is getting better at school, and learning to be a better student and not just a social bug. I am very proud of all their hard work that they do.

I would like to ask for some special prayers at this time for my family. My brother Bryce was just diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. He goes in for surgery for a colostomy bag on Tuesday 12/28, and then he will start Chemo and Radiation. After that he will have another surgery. He will have some hard times ahead, and the family is here for support and anything we can do for them. I have faith that he and the family will make it through this difficult time. Shannon, Bryce's wife, has been amazing so far, and I am so greatful that my brother has found such a strong wonderful person to make it through this.

That is the update for now, but I will post more soon, and have pictures also. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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