Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Moab Day 1

After Bryce Canyon we drove to Moab. They were doing the Jeep safari, and Jeff's parents were there, so we decided to join them...... Fun for them. Adding 5 more people in their Motor Home. Grandma Clark bought eggs for the kids to decorate. Looking at the pic I think she was having fun too.

Kaylee with one of her decorated eggs.

Bradlee playing with his Double Lightsaber that he got in Disneyland. He is proud of that thing let me tell you.

More Egg decorating.

We let the kids swim in the pool they had at the R.V park. Let me tell you this park had a 5 star bathroom. It was gorgeous, and very clean. fancy sinks, and very nice showers with an area for changing your clothes. WOW!!! I should have taken a picture.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bryce Canyon

Thats right People, from Sunny California to this................. Snow!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!! Jeff wanted to drive through Bryce Canyon really bad, so onto our next adventure we began driving there. I tried to tell Jeff the weather would be bad, but he wanted to go anyway. So......... Here we are in Bryce Canyon....... Look at the Freezing cold snow.

Really?????? Snow????? it just had to snow didn't it!!! Oh well, we had a nice time.

Disneyland Vacation Day 7!

This was pack up and leave day. We left Sunny California and headed to Bryce Canyon. Wait til you see those pictures............ These are pictures of the Hotel we stayed at. It kinda looked like a castle. Anaheim Camelot Inn and Suites.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Disneyland Vacation Day 6!

Disneyland for the final day. Back at "Its a small world"

Bradlee really likes "Star Tours" After the ride he wanted to make a double l.ightsaber. So The girls posed with Yoda while we waited for the Dude.

Jeff thought this would make for a funny picture.

Christina (A friend from way back when, and she hasn't changed much), her kids, and my family met for lunch, and we caught up on old times. It was great. one of my favorite moments on the trip.

Kaylee and Dad drawing some Mickey pictures.

The kids with Goofy.

These next pictures were taken in the Beast's Library.

Thursday was the busiest day at Disneyland, so we decided we were done, so we went to a mall that Christina told us about. This is the cute little fountain at the mall. Dont the kids look so thrilled?

More of Disneyland Day 4

Sorry, we are going backwards for a minute, I didn't include these pictures in the disneyland day4 group. Look how pretty the Castle is at night.
Aren't we cute?

This is Meghan imitating Beeker from the Muppets. Kaylee imitating Beeker.
Bradlee imitating Beeker.

This is one of the favorites. Look how cool the building is at night.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Disneyland Vacation Day 5!

Hmmmmmm No pictures for this day. We were exhausted after the first few days, so we took the day off. We swam in the pool at the hotel, We went to the movies and saw Monsters Vs Alien's (Very cute movie) And we did alittle shopping. It was nice to relax and not do all the walking around. The kids really needed a break..... Well that and they really wanted to go swimming. Not a very fun post at all.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Disneyland Vacation Day 4!

Back at disneyland, we rode rides, and saw some shows. Disneyland really does have some great shows to watch. We Saw this very cute Show over in Califonia adventure "Talkin With Crush" The turtle was on the screen, and he was asking the audience questions, and actually having conversations with people from our audience. He asked Bradlee about Buzz light year, and he told some guy in the audience that he had seamoss growing from his face. It really was a cute show. Here is Crush. Sorry he is blurry, we couldn't have our flash on.
Jeff trying to mimic Ursala.

Meghan being like Alice in Wonderland.
Bradlee Yelling back at the Beast.
Kaylee and I playing with TinkerBell.

The kiddo's

Mom and Kiddo's

Yes Meghan is talking on the phone. She just had to talk to her friend Breanna at least once a day...... I think it was more like 5 times a day, and she was constantly texting.

The kids with Mr. Potato Head.
It is hard to tell, but the picture behind jeff is the farris Wheel that Jeff loves. It was actually closed this time. I didn't like the ride last year.... It was so bad it actually made me Cry. Very Scary ride.

They are putting in a night show at California Adventure. It is going to be a water show. It looks pretty neat. These are just some pictures they had introducing the new Night show.

The Bugs life 3-D show was so good we had to go back for round 2.

And of course the Haunted Mansion.

And of course we had alot of waiting in lots of lines to ride rides.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Disneyland Vacation Day 3

On the 3rd day we went to Universal Studios. This is one of the shows Water World. It is a good show, we all enjoyed it.
The new Simpson ride was Awesome! it took the place of Back to the Future....... It is a much better ride than back to the future. We loved this ride.

Ok everyone squint and you might believe that this is really Matt Damon, and not a card board cutout...... Are you Squinting?

Da Da Da Da Da Dora the explorer....................

These are Caracters from The Mummy Ride.

Of Course The Hulk!!!!!

Ok, when we went on the Studio tour of the back lot we ran into Conan O'Brien. He was shooting something for his show, and he stopped our bus and was talking to us. It was pretty cool. You Dont have to squint this time, this time he is a real person I promise.

It was a fun day, Very hot, and we were worn out by the time we got back to the hotel.